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About me


Like most 80s kids, my first instrument was a VTG Casio SK-10 32 Sampling Keyboard. I like to think that spending hours on this tiny keyboard as a three-year-old shaped my musical life to come.  I took up the violin when a local fiddler offered group lessons after school in 3rd grade.  These days I consider myself a classically-trained violinist, turned bluegrass and jazz fiddler. Improvisation and composition are my favorite. Some of my teachers include  Curtis Macomber and Neil Weintrob at the Manhattan School of Music,  Yousun Kim, and Lew Gelfond.

I play a 1999 Louis Clement violin, who I lovingly call "La Signora."


Although I've painted and drawn my whole life, it wasn't until Covid that I plunged head first into watercolors.  What started as an experimentation turned into an obsession, and now (after practicing the violin) I try to paint every day. Prints of most of my artwork are available for purchase. 


I learned to bake from my mother, who taught me traditional Italian and Italian-American recipes from a young age. I like to experiment with the classics and develop my own recipes. After all, a cake is just a piece of art that's edible.

I'm available for gigs, recordings, collaborations, lessons, and commissions!

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